A Virtual Celebration of Team and Technology

The 2021 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge Virtual Program invites teams to test their solar cars and be recognised for the skill and dedication required to build them. 

The program – featuring a telemetry challenge and an awards program – will take place from September this year. Our goal is to welcome all members of the world solar car community and celebrate those who intended to take part in the 2021 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, promoting efforts to drive technology, innovation and sustainability further. 



The 2021 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge Telemetry Challenge has been designed to allow for driving, testing and comparison of solar cars in the absence of a physical Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. The telemetry challenge will also allow teams and the wider community to engage with submitted solar car data, practicing and experimenting with analysis methods and presentation. This challenge provides a rare opportunity for solar car enthusiasts to receive access to exclusive solar car data.

Read the details of the Telemetry Challenge here



The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge Virtual Awards will recognise the efforts of those who had registered and were preparing to attend the 2021 event. The awards will highlight the outstanding team achievements within our community, despite the challenges of the past year. Teams are invited to enter even if the construction phase of the project was unable to be completed!

Read the details of the Virtual Awards here


The 2021 Virtual program welcomes participation from teams AND solar car enthusiasts.

“Ours is an event that celebrates technology – and here it will help us see just how far solar car design has come. We’re all excited to see results from the telemetry challenge, and also to honour the teams who have shown such resilience in forging ahead despite major setbacks over the past year.” 

Chris Selwood, Event Director