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Bridgestone World Solar Challenge Photo Contest 2019

Bridgestone World Solar Challenge Photo Contest 2019

Participants and fans of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge recently entered a contest to capture and share the spirit of this epic journey in all its glory.

Here are the top entries (in no particular order)


10. Wendy Pham - First day on the Highway

Caption: A little bit different from my usual content, but I thought I should probably just let everyone know that I'm in the middle of woop woop Australia for a while, racing a solar car!

Photographer: @wendypham_



11. 7W6A8202

Caption: Pictured having a great time soldering... something, Tom rounds out our small yet capable electrical team! #BWSC19

Photographer: @duem_electric



11. IMG_1117

Caption: We want to say thank you for all the warm wishes and endless support from our solar families. We are proud to say that our container finally got cleared and we couldn't be happier. Alhamdulillah.

Photographer: @ecophotonsolarteam



13. 3N0A4835

Caption: WE HAD OUR FIRST TRACK TIME TODAY! The drivers got a good feel for the car and it uncovered a few minor issues we're fixing now.

Photographer: @teamarrowracing



14. Wendy Pham - bridgestone photo

Caption: My first time shooting under the night sky, shout out to Coober Pedy for being so gorgeous and @vwaustralia for the sleek as Caravelle! Thank you!

Photographer: @wendypham_ 



2. JobV-20191012-0037.jpg

Caption: What a day! Today we qualified in first place at the hot lap and tomorrow the real deal starts, this is it! BWSC here we come

Photographer: @job_verkruisen



21. Hidden Valley-1

Caption: Only one hand print of rubber connects our pride and joy to the road. Only Bridgestone can deliver the efficiency we need to take us the 3022 km to the finish line of the @worldsolarchallenge

Photographer: @grace_elaine_mitchell



22. 7W6A8712

Caption: First road test completed yesterday, so excited to see the car moving! Also @9newsdarwin came along and interviewed @elliedesmond94




26. temp_Day_one_two_DSC_8560.JPG

Caption: Don't shade the array!

Photographer: @umnsvp



3. 20191012_AGORIASOLARTEAM_204

Caption: All smiles & happy faces! Today was a very exciting day for our team!

Photographer: @solarteam_be



4. BvOF 2019_1013_AWX - World Solar Challenge - Control Stop Katherine

Caption: Control Stop Katherine on the first day of the World Solar Challenge. The Challenge runs over 3000kms from Darwin to Adelaide through the Outback.

Photographer: @brainportpixels



4. IMG_7402

Caption: It has been quite a sad week for us. Our container is still in Darwin Port and only scheduled to be delivered earliest by Tuesday evening. We are praying that our problemw ould be solved in time for our scrutineering. Do know that whatever happens, the whole team won't back down from the adventure. We will do our best to be a part of the greatest solar racing experience.

Photographer: @ecophotonsolarteam



6. 20191010_AGORIASOLARTEAM_125

Caption: Ready to roll! Tomorrow, we're facing the #qualifier, which decides the team's starting positions for the race. The stakes are high: in 2017 we finished first in the qualifier...

Photographer: @solarteam_be



8. Coober_Pedy_Western_Sydney_Solar_Team

Caption: The team exploring Coober Pedy as the sun sets!

Photographer: @grace_elaine_mitchell