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Schools Kids to collect climate data for CSIRO scientists for BWSC Outreach Program presented by Flinders University

28 Aug 2019

Today it was back to school for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge and Flinders University Outreach team.

Sharing the message of how understanding and learning about STEM, (science,
technology, engineering and mathematics) can lead to a better world, they joined Year 6 school
students at St Francis Primary School in Lockleys, Adelaide, to launch the 2019 Bridgestone World
Solar Challenge (BWSC) Outreach Program presented by Flinders University.

The Program will be rolled out to 10 schools between Adelaide and Darwin whose students will collect key weather data for Senior CSIRO Scientists. St Francis Lockleys students have been helping to pilot...


Get to know the BWSC Outreach Program presented by Flinders University

28 Aug 2019

We're taking the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge on a road trip in 2019, with the BWSC Outreach Program presented by Flinders University.

With over 3000km of route through the middle of Australia, there are so many incredible Outback communities we get to visit along the way from Darwin to Adelaide.

This year, the Outreach Program will see past BWSC winners, the Aurora Solar Car team, visit students in schools along the route to show them the ins and outs of a solar car.

The schools will also be delivered weather monitoring equipment, supported by the CSIRO, which will allow...


Flat Packs and Royalty - The Story behind Ardingly College Solar

28 Aug 2019

With BWSC participants designing, engineering and producing some of the world's most elite solar vehicles, it can be easy to forget that some of them are still completing their high school studies.

Ardingly College Solar's youngest team member is just 16, who along with 11 other school students, two from Ifield Community College and 10 from Ardingly form a hard-working BWSC team. That's not including the extra students who contribute to the project overall, totalling nearly 80 students! Some students in year 9 are being trained in the use of design packages such as Fusion 360, and...


Spotlight on the Stops: Alice Springs

28 Aug 2019

About half way between Darwin and Adelaide, in what many refer to as the Red Centre, you’ll find the iconic and stunning Alice Springs.

A thriving outback town, Alice Springs is known around the world for its unique community, nearby natural wonders, and countless accolades in travel guides the world over.

Despite being in the middle of Australia, as far from our major cities as you can possibly get, the community is a thriving community of different cultures and origins – the locals include Australian Indigenous, Pacific Islands, Americans, Europeans, African, Indian and Asian heritage.



Spotlight on the Stops: Tennant Creek

26 Aug 2019

From Daly Waters the teams will make their way towards Tennant Creek, just another 400km down the road, home to one of the most iconic rock formations on the Highway.

Known for its million-acre cattle station, gold mining heritage, iconic rock formations and Aboriginal Culture, Tennant Creek is as genuine outback Australia as it gets!

Many followers of BWSC teams will recognise the iconic Karlu Karlu / Devils Marbles, a unique and mesmerizing rock formation many teams make sure to capture along the route. Formed over millions of years and standing at up to 6 metres, the massive granite boulders are...


Spotlight on the Stops: Barrow Creek

26 Aug 2019

Just over 200km after their stop in Tennant Creek, the teams will arrive in Barrow Creek – the traditional home of the Kaytetye Aboriginal people.

The tiny settlement (it has a population of 11!) was named after John Henry Barrow, who was previously a member of the South Australian parliament, migrating to SA in 1853.

The Barrow Creek Hotel is the main feature of the town. Just like the Daly Waters you’ll find Barrow Creek’s pub is a wonderful construction of materials, Aussie history and memorabilia, and travellers making their mark. Constructed in 1930 – 1932...


Spotlight on the Stops: Daly Waters

22 Aug 2019

Whenever you’ve heard anyone from the BWSC community talk about the Daly Waters, 9 times out of 10 they’ll mention the Daly Waters pub in the same sentence.

The iconic outback pub is as true blue Aussie as pubs can get Down Under. It’s also where our teams stop when passing through Daly Waters, around 600km from Darwin.

It’s colourful and clad in corrugated iron, and absolutely filled with decades of Aussie memorabilia.

Built in 1930 by Bill an Henrietta Pierce, the pub is an essential piece of the early Australian settler...


Spotlight on the Stops: Katherine

20 Aug 2019

On the first day of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, the teams will all set off from the heart of Darwin and commence the all-important first day, heading straight to Katherine.

The tropics meets the outback in Katherine, about a four hours’ drive south of Darwin on the Katherine River. While it may be a small town – with a population of around 6,000 people – the Katherine region features natural wonders, incredible Aboriginal cultural experiences, and plenty of opportunities to experience the Australian Outback.

Katherine began as an outpost established with the Australian Overland Telegraph...


Force in the USA

15 Aug 2019

When it comes to technology, science and innovation,Tesla and Google are at the top of the food chain. They’re also two names counted amongst the alumni of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

Tesla co-founder and Chief Technical Officer JB Straubel and Google Co-founder Larry Page are both BWSC former team members of two of this year’s contingent of teams from the United States of America (Stanford Solar Car Project and University of Michigan Solar Car Team respectively).

Not forgetting, hundreds of University of Minnesota’s Solar Vehicle Project former team members work in major...


New Dutch Team Aims for the Top

08 Aug 2019

From Vattenfall (formerly Nuon Solar Team) to Solar Team Eindhoven, the Dutch are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to solar car challenging.

Vattenfall have won the Challenger class in the past two editions of the BWSC, with Solar Team Eindhoven equally strong in the Cruiser Class. Eindhoven Alumni Lex Hoefsloot and some of his fellow former team mates have also gone on to design and create Lightyear One, the world’s first commercially available solar vehicle. For any new coming team, those are some big shoes to fill. Enter Top Dutch Solar Racing.

Two and...