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Spotlight on the Stops: Daly Waters

Spotlight on the Stops: Daly Waters

22 Aug 2019

Spotlight on the Stops: Daly Waters

Whenever you’ve heard anyone from the BWSC community talk about the Daly Waters, 9 times out of 10 they’ll mention the Daly Waters pub in the same sentence.

The iconic outback pub is as true blue Aussie as pubs can get Down Under. It’s also where our teams stop when passing through Daly Waters, around 600km from Darwin.

It’s colourful and clad in corrugated iron, and absolutely filled with decades of Aussie memorabilia.

Built in 1930 by Bill an Henrietta Pierce, the pub is an essential piece of the early Australian settler puzzle. In its nearly 90 years of operation, its witnessed murders, shoot outs, cattle stampedes and a drunken brawl or two – it was early Australia, after all.

It first opened its doors in 1934, when it served passengers arriving on the new Australian airline (you may have heard of Qantas), when they pulled into the first international runway and airport in Australia. Their liquor license was acquired in 1938, and has been continuous ever since.

Just a couple of years later, the pub was used as a staging post for WWII Australia and American Air forces, with the local airfield a key part of the town over the years. It was previously used as a refuelling stop for early Qantas flights travelling to Singapore, and more recently used as an operational base for joint military manoeuvres.

The Daly Waters Pub also has a tradition of ‘leaving your mark’. Travellers from every corner of the globe who have passed through have left their mark in one way, or another; money notes, bottles, and a myriad of other memorabilia can be found. It’s a natural museum of world travellers!

If you’re after a classic Aussie feed and pub experience, the Daly Waters Pub has you taken care of. If you’re following along the BWSC route, or find yourself travelling the Aussie outback, you can’t miss a stop here.

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The Northern Territory is home to Daly Waters. Find out more about what you can see and do, and where to stay in the Northern Territory here

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