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Spotlight on the Stops: Barrow Creek

Spotlight on the Stops: Barrow Creek

26 Aug 2019

Spotlight on the Stops: Barrow Creek

Just over 200km after their stop in Tennant Creek, the teams will arrive in Barrow Creek – the traditional home of the Kaytetye Aboriginal people.

The tiny settlement (it has a population of 11!) was named after John Henry Barrow, who was previously a member of the South Australian parliament, migrating to SA in 1853.

The Barrow Creek Hotel is the main feature of the town. Just like the Daly Waters you’ll find Barrow Creek’s pub is a wonderful construction of materials, Aussie history and memorabilia, and travellers making their mark. Constructed in 1930 – 1932, the hotel is one of the earliest constructred along the road between Alice Springs and Tenant Creek, retaining many of its original features – including the cellar, patterned cement blockwork and most of the windows and doors.

If you’re on the great roadtrip down the middle of the Outback, make sure to stop in for a spell!

Kilometres Travelled on the BWSC: 1,124

The Northern Territory is home to Barrow Creek. Find out more about what you can see and do, and where to stay in the Northern Territory here

Header image via Western Sydney Solar Team