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STEM, Solar Cars and Regional Australia

30 Sep 2019

The BWSC Outreach Program presented by Flinders University kicked off the 2019 BWSC Journey, with the Aurora Solar Car team joined by Flinders University to travel up the route from Adelaide to Darwin.

Carrie Moss is part of Flinders University’s STEM Outreach Team, and is also a Flinders University alumni, completing her Bachelor of EcoTourism in 2009.

Carrie has been working in education and outreach ever since, working in a number of Outreach programs throughout Australia.

We caught up with Carrie after completing the BWSC Outreach Program presented by Flinders University, to find out how it all...


Teams Heating Up

30 Sep 2019

The BWSC is officially getting close now, with BWSC Week in Darwin kicking off this Sunday 6 October.

Many of the teams are on the ground in Darwin now, with the rest either on the road or in the air making their way to Australia's top end.

Check out this week's Team Update, before all of the BWSC fun finally kicks off this weekend!


Western Sydney Solar Team gave us this great update on what they've been up to since they left Sydney to head up to Darwin on the road. They had a snowball fight...


Welcome to Darwin

23 Sep 2019

It's the home of the BWSC Start Line and the capital of the Northern Territory - Darwin is a city not to be missed on any Australian adventure.

From the sparkling harbour and WWII history, to the city's Asian-influenced food and tropical outdoor lifestyle, Darwin is an adventurer's paradise!

Many of the teams are treated to an extended stay in Darwin, as they arrive in Australia to prepare for the BWSC and get themselves set up in the Top End.

There is so much to do and see around Darwin, as the gateway to the tropical...


The Bridgestone Why

20 Sep 2019

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is the most elite solar challenge in the world, with hundreds of participants, years of preparation and a route of over 3,000km.

As you can imagine, it’s no easy feat to bring this incredible event together, but one of the keys to the success of the event is Bridgestone Corporation.

In 2019 Bridgestone is the title sponsor for the World Solar Challenge for the fourth year running, but this partnership is certainly much more than a title.

Bridgestone’s partnership with the World Solar Challenge represents their passion and commitment to...


5 Stories of Innovation from South Australia

20 Sep 2019

The BWSC is in good company in South Australia, with the state known well as the innovation capital of Australia, and the home to a myriad of exciting projects in technology.

In the past few years innovation is become one of the state's key outputs. Just looking around the City of Adelaide it's easy to see innovation brought to life; the new Royal Adelaide Hospital, the South Australian Health and Medical Research Insitute, and the currently in progress Lot 14 site on North Terrace.

There's a burgeoning hub for startups, entrepreneurs, and international tech companies looking to...



18 Sep 2019

The Stage is set for a faaabulous adventure at the BWSC for Priscilla - the Australian Technology Network Solar Car Team's Car for 2019.

Can a sleek, sporty, Aussie outback Queen, steal the crown from the seemingly unconquerable Dutch champions, in this year’s Bridgestone World Solar Challenge?

That’s the question Australia’s first national, five state, five university collaboration, known as The Australian Technology Network (ATN) Solar Car Team, hope they can answer with a resounding yes.

At her launch, the hot pink spotlight shone on Priscilla, a high-tech, aerodynamic, carbon fibre solar electric...


Team Update

17 Sep 2019

There's less than a month to go until a parade of solar cars sets off from Darwin!

We've been keeping up with all of the action here and around the world, with many teams on the ground in Australia and others making final preparations at home.

Check out our update on the BWSC Teams, and join us in the final countdown towards the 2019 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge!



Life in the FAST Lane

16 Sep 2019

The Flinders Automotive Solar Team (FAST) are hoping to Cruise their way from Darwin to Adelaide this October – their second time participating in the BWSC.

The team of students from Flinders University, led by Dr Stuart Wildy, have been working hard for over four years to build their solar car, the Investigator Mark III.

Stuart started his journey with the BWSC in 2015 as an Observer on the BWSC, taking his learnings from to Adelaide and putting together the FAST team.

At the 2017 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, despite their best efforts, they weren’t able to make...


Beginner's Guide to the BWSC Route: Part 1

12 Sep 2019

At it’s simplest, the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is a design competition for solar vehicles. But if you stand back just a little bit, it’s so much more than that.

In the late 1800s, a group of men led by John McDouall Stuart rode out into what was then the completely unknown, attempting to traverse the Australian mainland from south to north through the centre of the continent. What they were met with was a vast landscape, inexplicable rock formations, and communities of Aboriginal people whom without they would have surely perished along the way.




12 Sep 2019

In this two-part series, BWSC Event Director Chris Selwood AM gives us his unique perspective of the 3000km journey from Darwin to Adelaide that forms the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

Read Part 1 here.


Crossing the border into South Australia means the road markers change, the road signs change… we’re a country made up of many countries!

Things are different. The biggest thing that is going to bite people if they’re not paying attention is the clocks have changed, because South Australia has daylight saving and the Northern Territory – being predominantly a tropical location...


End of the Road: Welcome to Adelaide

10 Sep 2019

After an incredible 3000km journey the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge finds it's finish in the heart of South Australia, right smack bang in the middle of Adelaide.

Crossing the City of Adelaide Finish Line in Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga, it's time to pop the bottles and celebrate the conclusion of this journey from the very top of Australia, to very close to the bottom.

Adelaide is the capital of South Australia, and a thriving city of food, wine, culture, history and much more.

The Adelaide CBD itself is a mecca of small bars, some of not only Australia but...


Win Big With Your BWSC Memories

09 Sep 2019

While innovation takes centre stage at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, in reality, we experience a lot more than technological and engineering marvels!

Stories of passion, perseverance & human spirit come alive during this epic adventure. From fighting mosquitoes and flies, to roadside campsites; from braving the harsh weather conditions to witnessing some of the most beautiful sunsets; from being competitive to striking some lifelong friendships, there are so many stories that can be witnessed at the BWSC!

It’s time to share all these epic adventure stories from past and present events with the world!

Share your amazing...


BWSC Teams Down Under

09 Sep 2019

While the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge officially kicks off in October, some of the teams aren't wasting any time, and have already arrived here in Australia!

For many participants it may be their first BWSC and their first time in Australia, so the earlier they can arrive and settle in the better!

Some of the teams have set up workshops in areas along the BWSC Route to continue working on their car. From the University of Michigan Solar Car Team in Adelaide, to Top Dutch Solar Racing in Port Augusta, all the way up to Agoria Solar Team in...


Spotlight on the Stops: Coober Pedy

05 Sep 2019

As the BWSC Teams continue traveling down the route from Alice Springs, they'll soon make their way towards the NT/SA Border.

The control stop in Kulgera marks the 1,771 point along the BWSC Route, before they hit the border between the Northern Territory and South Australia. An interesting fact about the BWSC is that the official times for recording control stops and timings remain in Northern Territory time, despite arriving in South Australia's daylight savings time. This is to ensure that everyone along the route is working on the same clock.

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Image via South Australian Tourism...