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Team Update

Team Update

17 Sep 2019

Team Update

There's less than a month to go until a parade of solar cars sets off from Darwin!

We've been keeping up with all of the action here and around the world, with many teams on the ground in Australia and others making final preparations at home.

Check out our update on the BWSC Teams, and join us in the final countdown towards the 2019 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge!



Our only Latin American Team, Antakari Solar Team, revealed their solar car last week - the intikallpa v, a very impressive looking bullet-shaped car that we'll soon be seeing up in Darwin! 



Durham University Solar Car, one of the contigent of teams from the UK, shared a video update of their preparations. In true UK fashion, it looks like they've been dealing with a bit of rain!



Top Dutch Solar Racing have become true Quorn locals, visiting plenty of the town's residents and showing them their car Green Lightning. 



One group of people also having a meet and greet with Top Dutch was Blue Sky Solar from Canada! They passed through Port Augusta on their way up the BWSC Route and had the chance to meet their Dutch competitors!



Agoria Solar Team gave us a good laugh with their MTV Cribs style tour of their accomodation up in Darwin!



The University of Michigan Solar Car Team have been doing some testing on South Australian roads on their way up to Darwin - the car is looking amazing!



Sonnenwagen Aachen have set up their temporary camp in Coober Pedy, so they can get some Outback testing in before heading further up North. Make sure to check out their channels for great video updates!


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And in a true show of the spirit of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, Solar Team Twente, Solar Team Eindhoven, Agoria Solar Team and Vattenfall Solar Team shared this incredible moment up in Darwin. 


Stay tuned for more updates from the BWSC Teams Down Under for the 2019 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge. See all of the latest action on our Instagram.

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Header image via Solar Team Eindhoven