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Daily Wrap: Tuesday 8 October

Daily Wrap: Tuesday 8 October

08 Oct 2019

Daily Wrap: Tuesday 8 October


The big guns rolled out to the scrutineering floor of the Darwin Convention Centre on Tuesday, with the defending class champions – Dutch teams Vattenfall and Eindhoven - headlining along with a raft of other fancies, including Agoria (Belgium) and Stanford (USA), as well as Hocschule Bochum (Germany).

After just one team passed with ‘full green’ (that is, all fourteen criteria marked as compliant) on Monday, few teams were able to completely pass through as ready for Dynamic testing.

At the close of scrutineering, results showed that Eindhoven and Goko High School (Japan) had cleared all 14 checks, but await the formal declaration of ‘Dynamic Ready’.

Triple champions Vattenfall cleared 13 checks ahead of a re-present for registration.

They join Team Sonnenwagen Aachen e.V. (Germany), Top Dutch Solar Racing (Netherlands), Solar Team Twente (Netherlands) and AUSRT (Australia) as needing to clear just one check to be deemed eligible for hot laps.

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Remaining teams to present from Wednesday

With the powerhouses having made their debut on the scrutineering floor, the remaining teams will continue to file through from Wednesday following the morning’s road safety induction.

That induction is designed to ensure teams commence the Challenge versed in the etiquette of the road, with safety paramount for all participants.

Teams will then re-present to officials throughout the day to ensure regulatory compliance, before undertaking ‘Figure of Eight’ testing at Hidden Valley Motor Sport Complex as one of the key tasks to demonstrate roadworthiness.

Seasoned hands and newcomers tested by the process.

As ever, teams of long and short-term experience in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge were tested by the way officials viewed their implementation of regulatory requirements.

For newcomers like MDH – a small team from Malardalen University in Sweden – the opportunity to be assessed threw up both good and bad news.

“We are pretty happy with the results so far, and we think we should be able to come back and fix the minor problems we have,” said MDH team member Johan Bergelin.

“We had some minor problems with the way we had designed it, but it should be fine – our major functions are working, [overall] we’re happy.”

Compatriot team JU Solar Team also had their car – Axelent – obtain 13/14 checks, and are confident of the final tick being granted on Wednesday.

“The good news is we got a lot of ‘greens’ – only one ‘red’ – and that [requires] to move the emergency button, and that’s an easy fix,” team manager Rishab Karan Mehta said.

“Most of the people checking it [the car] out today were really impressed with the speed we were going [through the checks], especially with the battery pack.

“The official who was testing [the battery pack] has been involved since 1987 I believe, and he said it was the best battery pack he’d ever seen.”

The 15th Bridgestone World Solar Challenge takes place between Darwin and Adelaide, South Australia from 13-20 October 2019.

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