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Day 3 Wrap: Ups and downs abound

Day 3 Wrap: Ups and downs abound

09 Oct 2019

Day 3 Wrap: Ups and downs abound

Weigh-ins, spin-outs and blow-ups – Wednesday had it all at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

Whether it was Western Sydney’s 116.8kg machine beating the previous record set by defending champions Vattenfall just the day before (131.6kg), or the stunning wall-kiss by Vattenfall’s Challenger in testing setting the Dutch powerhouse up for an all-night repair job, the third day of scrutineering offered up plenty of action.

So what have we learnt so far?

Teams are through to the next stage

10 teams have officially qualified for dynamic scrutineering and Saturday qualifying. Joining IVE Engineering (Hong Kong) as having passed all 14 static checks, were SolarCar-Team Hochschule Bochum (Germany – Cruiser), Goko High School (Japan – Challenger), University of Michigan (USA – Challenger), Kogakuin University (Japan – Challenger), Eclipse (Canada – Challenger), University of Minnesota (USA – Cruiser), Tokai University (Japan – Challenger), Top Dutch (Netherlands – Challenger), and Solar Team Twente (Netherlands – Challenger).

Dark Horses abound

It seems that everyone along the pit line at Hidden Valley has an opinion of where the speed lies in the field. While the likes of Michigan, Vattenfall and Western Sydney are all fancied competitors, there is a strong suspicion that Top Dutch – a newcomer in 2019 – has plenty of power under the hood. It will certainly make for an interesting qualifying for the start order.

Midnight oil

Vattenfall learnt the hard way what happens when one of the planet’s lightest solar cars meets the wall. While that team will be up all night repairing the car, other teams will be doing similar work, with a number of other accidents of varying degree reported throughout the solar paddock. While no one wants to see the dreaded all-nighter, a number of teams will be working overtime to get their cars in shape either for qualifying hot laps, or to get the final approvals on the static scrutineering floor.

View the static scrutineering results as they currently stand here.

The 15th Bridgestone World Solar Challenge takes place between Darwin and Adelaide, South Australia from 13-20 October 2019.

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