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Explore Adelaide with Beam

Explore Adelaide with Beam

15 Oct 2019

Explore Adelaide with Beam

Adelaide is one of Australia's most exciting cities, with a burgeoning food and wine scene, and plenty of places to explore - there's a lot of ground to cover!

The last thing you want is to worry about parking your car or being stuck in traffic, and it's also important that we all start considering our environmental impact through transport.

Enter our friends at Beam

Beam is Asia-Pacific's leading micro mobility company, whose electric scooters have been on the ground in Adelaide since earlier in the year. Already they've been incredibly popular with people around the city, who want to get around quickly and easily.

With their sustainable vision for travel, Beam is helping cities like Adelaide flow better. Rather than driving, or jumping a car to get around, riding an e-scooter alleviates traffic, but more importantly means we're all working together to reduce our environmental impact, with no exhaust fumes, and comparatively tiny CO2 emmissions.

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It's super easy to use as well, especially if you are visiting Adelaide for the weekend for the BWSC. It's as easy as...

  • Locate - Download the Beam app onto your phone, and locate an e-scooter on the map. It's $1.00 to unlock a scooter, and $0.30 a minute once you get riding.
  • Unlock and Ride - Click Ride and scan the QR Code on the Beam scooter
  • Park - once you've finished your ride, click end at the location you're at

Beam are also offering a special offer to the BWSC community this weekend, to celebrate the arrival of the Teams on their incredible journey from Darwin to Adelaide. 

First time users can redeem a $5 credit to ride a Beam around for free! Simply download the 'Beam escooter' app, enter the promo code BWSC-ADL5, and you're all set!

You can check Beam out and go for a ride on one of their scooters this week at the City of Adelaide Finish Line. There'll be scooters parked around Victoria Square for your convenience, so you can explore the city once you've welcomed your team across the Finish Line!

Beam are the Official Micromobility Partner of BWSC. Find out more about them here.