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Winds Dash Hopes for the BWSC Contenders

Winds Dash Hopes for the BWSC Contenders

16 Oct 2019

Winds Dash Hopes for the BWSC Contenders

Despite all of the hard work and preparation, unfortunately Mother Naure can be the most brutal, unpredictable adversary when it comes to the BWSC.

This morning around 20 minutes after starting on the road, Solar Team Twente's driver was battling strong cross winds, when a big gust caused the car to hit the side of the road, falling off the slope and roll.

While the driver was unharmed, he was still taken to the local hospital to get checked and we can confirm he is safe and well. However, understandably the team was devastated. Their car RED E was irreparable, forcing them out of the competition for the 2019 BWSC.

The wind troubles continued, with Team Sonnenwagen Aachen e.V. also falling victim to strong winds, forcing their car off the road and causing damage. However, the team is still competitive as of end of day today.

With Twente out of the lead, which they have held since early on in the first day of the Challenge, 2017 Champions Vattenfall went into top spot. However, Agoria Solar Team was following closely behind all day, and at end of day today are incredibly close to taking over the lead.

Agoria have shortened their gap from 43 minutes at Coober Pedy, to 24 minutes at Glendambo, and now approximately 8 minutes at Port Augusta, checking into the Control Stop just minutes before the end of the day.

What does this mean for tomorrow?

An incredibly tight finish between the Dutch and Belgian teams, with changing road speeds, more cars on the road, traffic and possible road works to contend with as they finish their journey in Adelaide.

Fellow Challengers Tokai University and University of Michigan are still charging towards the finish as well, working hard to make up time and kms. 

Outside of the leaders, the rest of the BWSC Teams are all on their way to Adelaide as well. Competitive or not, the Teams are all staying positive and are determined to cross the City of Adelaide Finish Line over the coming days.


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¡Estamos en Alice Springs! Llevamos 1493 km de carrera

A post shared by Antakari Solar Team (@intikallpa_chile) on

 Antakari celebrated their passing through Alice Springs, before they headed towards the border.


 Team Arrow captured the moment they crossed over the border from the Northern Territory into South Australia.


 SolarCar Team Hochschule Bochum charged towards the second overnight charging stop at Coober Pedy, ensuring they stay competitive in the Cruiser Class.


 Top Dutch Solar Racing have stayed positive, passing on their well wishes to other cars today as they entered the final stretch.

Tomorrow the City of Adelaide Finish Line will officially open, welcoming the first teams from late tomorrow morning. Celebrate the teams as they cross the line, and then head around Victoria Square/Tarntanyangga to explore the Finish Line fun. Find out more about what's on offer here.

To those teams who have been taken out of contention, whether due to weather or other aspects of their vehicle's progress, the whole BWSC community wishes nothing but congratulations to all of the teams for their incredible efforts not only over the past couple of weeks, but in all of their hard work towards making another BWSC become a reality.

Be sure to be following along with the action on our Car Tracker, as well as our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to see all of the action from the final few days of the 2019 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

Header image via Jerome Wassenaar/Solar Team Twente