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Bridgestone charges ahead with EV tyre solutions

Bridgestone charges ahead with EV tyre solutions

06 Oct 2020

Bridgestone charges ahead with EV tyre solutions

Bridgestone World Solar Challenge title partner has revealed global developments that will continue to support the progression of electric vehicle technology into the future.

Around the world, an incredible amount of research and development into new electric vehicles is being undertaken - with all major car manufacturers focused on rolling out hybrid or fully electric variants of their existing model line-up, as well as introducing new electric vehicles to their range.

This year, Bridgestone has announced it will supply Volkswagen with a ground-breaking new ENLITEN tyre technology for the launch of its highly anticipated new electric car, the ID.3.

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The environmentally friendly ENLITEN technology differs from the conventional tyre by using significantly less material in its construction, while providing the same wear life and handling characteristics.

As well as using less material, the ENLITEN technology demonstrates up to 30 per cent lower rolling resistance than a conventional tyre, resulting in less fuel consumption and lower emissions for petrol powered vehicles, and increased range for battery powered vehicles.

Bridgestone has also been chosen as the tyre supplier to a new electric truck start up company, Volta. The Scandinavian company plans to introduce the world’s first purpose-built fully electric 16-tonne truck called the Volta Zero, designed for inner-city freight deliveries.

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The development of tyres for upcoming electric vehicles is a core example of how Bridgestone’s Corporate Social Responsibility commitment, known as Our Way to Serve, underpins its business and product decisions.

Through Our Way to Serve, Bridgestone aims to enhance the way people live, move, work and play with a focus on three priority areas: mobility, people and the environment. The development of technology such as ENLITEN is a demonstration of how the company is supporting the enhancement of mobility solutions while reducing impact on the environment. 

Bridgestone has been at the forefront of low-rolling resistance tyre technology since the launch of its Ecopia range in 2012. The fuel saving concept saw customers of all segments benefit, from passenger cars to SUVs, and right through to truck fleets.

Through the extensive research and development process, in which Bridgestone invests close to AU$1 billion every year globally, the company aligns closely with car makers to develop innovative new products.

In an exciting collaboration with BMW, Bridgestone was tasked with engineering a new tyre concept for the i3 electric vehicle and introduced EP500, featuring Ecopia with ologic technology.

Ecopia with ologic technology was born through Bridgestone’s involvement in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge – a demonstration of the true partnership between the event and Bridgestone. As the naming rights partner of the event since 2013, Bridgestone has also continued to innovate and supply teams with Ecopia with ologic tyres as a real-world testing platform for new tyre technology for the future.

To learn more about Bridgestone’s Our Way to Serve platform, which underpins the BWSC partnership, visit