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Route Map

Route Map

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge starts in Darwin in the Northern Territory and travels the Stuart Highway to Port Augusta and then via Highway 1 to the finish in the City of Adelaide in South Australia – 3000kms.  

The Solar EV's will form up in State Square from 0630 on Sunday 8th October and depart the steps of Parliament House via Bennett Street and Tiger Brennan Drive.

The Official Finish Line in Adelaide will be in Victoria Square.  The leading cars are expected early Thursday (12 October).


2017 Route Map


The Stuart Highway is named after John McDouall Stuart, one of Australia’s most famous inland explorers.  It is named in honour of his achievement of leading of the first successful expedition to traverse the Australian mainland from south to north and return to his starting point in South Australia.  He never lost a man, despite the harshness of the country he encountered.