Static Scrutineering

Static Scrutineering provides the ultimate chance to see the inner workings of some of the world's most advanced solar cars. During Static Scrutineering, the esteemed Bridgestone World Solar Challenge Faculty members and officials review the teams' solar cars, pulling them apart to be inspected and to ensure they are roadworthy, safe and abide by regulations.

The perfect opportunity for lovers of cars, science and tech to get a deeper look at these marvels of science.

Dynamic Scrutineering

Before they set off from Darwin, Bridgestone World Solar Challenge teams take a hot lap around Hidden Valley Raceway to put their cars through their paces, and establish the starting order for the Challenge!

Check out the team garages, chat to team members from all over the world, and cheer them on as they race their solar cars around the track!

Teams celebrate success at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge

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