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Event Overview

The teams of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge bring the world’s foremost innovation challenge to life - delivering sustainable personal transport.

Our event, the world’s biggest and most prestigious solar challenge, began in 1987 and is a 3,000km endurance adventure that occurs once every two years. In 2019, a record 53 entries from 24 countries were received and around 1,500 participants were observed and followed by a global audience of more than 25 million. The event generates industry partnerships across energy, automotive, engineering, financial, material sciences, and IT sectors.

Event organiser, the South Australian Tourism Commission (SATC), in association with the Northern Territory Government, is proud to showcase the magnificent Australian landscape and the brilliance of the students and teams who participate.

Media coverage of this unique event is highly valued and we welcome media to make contact with us. We are happy to assist you in any way we can. Should you wish to learn more about the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, please email