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Top Dutch Solar Racing

Top Dutch Solar Racing

Team overview

Top Dutch Solar Racing

  • Car name

    Green Lightning

  • University

    Top Dutch Solar Racing

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  • Static Scrutineering


Daily event results

Arrival time Control stop Kms from Darwin
Day 1 Oct 13 15:57:03 Daly Waters 588
Day 2 Oct 14 15:28:35 Barrow Creek 1209
Day 3 Oct 15 14:41:40 Kulgera 1765
Day 4 Oct 16 15:48:50 Glendambo 2431
Day 5 Oct 17 15:30:00 Adelaide 3020
Day 6 Oct 17 15:30:00 Adelaide 3020
Day 7 Oct 17 15:30:00 Adelaide 3020
Day 8 Oct 17 15:30:00 Adelaide 3020
Day 9 Oct 17 15:30:00 Adelaide 3020

How many times has your team participated in the event?

This time will be our first time!

What is the design philosophy behind your solar car?

We wanted to make our solar car as aerodynamic and efficient as possible in order to be able to compete with the other solar cars. We decided to use the monohull shape because we wanted to try something that is not there yet in the Benelux countries and we saw more room for other innovative designs in the monohull.

What is unique about your solar car?

We are really proud of all the parts we have designed and built ourselves, for example our composite leaf springs and the direct drive coreless radial flux Halbach-array motor, whose configuration has never been used at the BWSC in such way. We have also designed and built our own battery all by ourselves and use the four-wheel steering for a better aerodynamic outcome.

Why does your team value participating in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge?

Our team members are always striving for improving themselves as professionals and individuals, creating innovative solutions. The BWSC is the perfect way of challenging our abilities and knowledge in a very adventurous and exciting way. By doing this, we want to show the world what you’re capable of when you work hard and ambitiously.

What is the one thing your team is looking forward to when you visit Australia?

We cannot wait to see the beautiful night sky with all the stars while we are camping in the outback of Australia!