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Challenger Class

Challenger Class

Aerodynamic Masterpieces

Visually stunning, slick, single-seat aerodynamic masterpieces built for sustained endurance and total energy efficiency.

Max. Length: 5m
Max. Width: 2.2m
Max. Solar Array: 4m2
Wheels: At least 3
Drivers: 1
Stages: Single (Darwin to Adelaide)

What can we expect from Challenger Class entries in 2021?

The smaller solar collector area and broader design envelope will allow for a great variety of designs. Expect to see some different shaped cars. We anticipate Challenger Class cars to be smaller and sleeker with improved design vision.

A great deal of lateral thinking will be required to meet the conflicting needs of maximising the solar collection area, minimising aerodynamic drag and meeting other design regulations needed to qualify for the Challenger Class.