Making the Adventure Count

Non-competitive entries (those that are not deemed to meet either Challenger or Cruiser class regulations) either commence or continue their adventure from Darwin to Adelaide in the Adventure Class. 

Adventure Class vehicles are fully-functioning solar vehicles that travel over 3,000 kilometres of gruelling conditions through the heart of Australia for the fulfilment and joy that the journey brings.

Whether they be vehicles built for previous editions of the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, those that become unable to participate in the competition of the other classes during the event, or those that were designed and built for the love of the journey without the competitive element, Adventure Class vehicles represent inspiration and adventure.

What do we observe from Adventure Class entries?

Inspiration! From the earliest days of this event, it became clear that collaboration, teamwork and participation on a global stage is such a unique personal development opportunity that it should not be restricted only to those with the ability to meet the high levels of rigour required for the Challenger and Cruiser Classes.

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge firmly believes that those able to work effectively with their available resources are equally entitled to feel the thrill of achievement from travelling down the heart of Australia.