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Unlimited Potential - Western Sydney launch!

Unlimited Potential - Western Sydney launch!

02 Aug 2023

Unlimited Potential - Western Sydney launch!

One of Australia’s strongest contenders for this year’s Bridgestone World Solar Challenge.

The whisper on campus is that this car has the potential to exceed past performance and for those daring to dream, bring the world cup back to Australian shores for the first time this century.

 Western Sydney Solar Car Team, today lifted the wraps on their sleek, aerodynamic machine, UNLIMITED 5.0.

Speaking about the upcoming reveal BWSC Event Director, Chris Selwood AM, said Western Sydney Solar team has a history of innovation and pushing the envelope, which makes them excitng to watch.

‘They’ve come a long way from first time Aussie underdogs in 2013 on a shoestring budget. I congratulate both the team and Western Sydney University on their 2023 entry, which a decade on, is an almost unrecognisable evolution from the inaugural car. Their journey reflects a passion for the environment and commitment to providing real-world learning opportunities in STEM,’ Mr Selwood said.

“As they prepare to take on the world’s best, I wish them every success on the road to Darwin and beyond,” he said.

Team Manager Brad Nadalini said the UNLIMITED 5.0 was custom-built to not only meet but exceed BWSC specifications in key areas including safety, stability, and driver visibility.

‘We’ve learned from our past events, it’s not one big idea that wins, it’s a combination of factors and teamwork. Our aim for this car is to be our most reliable so far. We strongly believe that reducing failures and repairs is the best way to win the BWSC, and this adds to our longstanding objective to reduce material and resource wastage,’ Brad said.

‘Over 3,000 kilometres strategy and the smallest of details are important. Our strategic approach incorporates machine learning using comprehensive cloud computng platform AWS technology. Our steering wheel is totally wireless, allowing for a quick and convenient egress. We’re also one of the few Australian educational institutes to have a large-scale 5-axis CNC on site, which means we can move a tool or part in five different axes at the same time. That’s allowed us to make our chassis from start to finish in house - a definite home grown advantage.

“We can’t wait for the start line,” Brad concluded.