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2025 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 24 – 31 August   

The world’s greatest innovation and engineering challenge event.

The BWSC is the world’s greatest innovation and engineering challenge. It began in 1987 and is a 3,000-kilometre endurance adventure that occurs once every two years with teams from around the world vying to become the first to cross the finish line in vehicles powered by green energy.

In 2025, teams are striving to make the Darwin start line on Sunday 24 August, in their bid to reach Adelaide first and deliver the world’s most sustainable mobility solutions.

2025 marks the event’s 17th crossing of Australia. In 2023 the BWSC took 1,767 + participants, volunteers, media, and industry on a remarkable journey connecting with a global audience of millions generating 400+ industry partnerships across energy, automotive, engineering, financial, material sciences and ICT sectors.

The elite Challenger Class, the original Challenge to travel 3,000 kilometres on the power of the sun, is conducted in a single stage, from Darwin to Adelaide. 2025 will see the sixth running of the Cruiser Class, created by the BWSC to change the way we think about what we drive and what fuels we use. For these ‘green to the mainstream’ concept vehicles, new regulations mean success is judged on a range of design, energy efficiency and sustainability measures delivering time incentives. Also, a single stage competition, the winner is the first to cross the finish line in Adelaide. A new Explorer demonstration class will push the boundaries on energy sources of the future.  The stage is set for a total eclipse of past events and achievements. For event details go to:

Teams are expected in Darwin from early August.  In the week preceding the event, teams must pass a series of practical safety and compliance tests to qualify for the start line. The final qualifying activities are the Dynamic Scrutineering time trials, ‘Hot Laps’ at Hidden Valley on Saturday 23 August – a highlight for many. The 2025 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge will officially start in Darwin on Sunday 24 August and finish on Sunday 31 August 2025 in Adelaide with the BWSC Awards Ceremony.

Media coverage of this unique event is highly valued, and we welcome media to contact us. We are happy to assist you in any way we can. Should you wish to learn more about the 2025 World Solar Challenge please email our media manager, Judi Lalor or call +61 409 188129.

Official Media Registration for the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge will open in 2025. If you would like to pre-register for Tier 1, working professional media, or Tier 2 team media, please contact our Media Manager, Judi Lalor on