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Cruiser Class

Cruiser Class


Cruiser Class

The Cruiser competition was created to encourage ‘green to the mainstream’ concept cars kitted out with innovative, sustainable, and potentially practical features that could find their way into real-world design. Cruisers will compete in a single stage (c.3,000km), with the winner taking line honours in Adelaide.

Cars must carry 1 driver and at least 1 passenger. Overnight recharging will be allowed and will form a key part of team strategy, focusing on energy efficiency, maximising the direct use of green energy with less reliance on energy storage. 

The 2025 design parameters for Cruiser Class solar cars: 

Max. Length: 5.8m

Max. Width: 2.3m

Max. Solar Array: Unrestricted, limited only by the size limits for the car

Wheels: At least 3

Driver: 1 driver and at least 1 passenger

Stages: Single stage, Darwin to Adelaide    

What do we observe from Cruiser Class entries?

With determinants of success including payload, energy consumption and a subjective element of design, entrants are faced with the real-world challenge faced by designers around the world: what will the end user find attractive, and give the design a desirable point of difference? 

In 2025, Cruiser Class design judging will include incentives for sustainable, marketable, smart design features. There is no 'one size fits all' solution on the drive to decarbonisation - we expect teams to fully explore all green energy sources.