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Event Regulations

Event Regulations

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is the world's greatest innovation and engineering challenge driving decarbonisation through sustainable mobility. The aim is to stimulate research into, and development of, sustainable road transport. Participation in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge calls for the design and construction of a energy efficient vehicle within evolving design parameters and driving the solar car across the continent of Australia in accordance with these regulations. 

The Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is primarily a design competition. The regulatory philosophy is to provide the parameters on which to base the design, rather than specify exactly how to build a solar car.

Each Bridgestone World Solar Challenge is different. Science and technology evolve and to encourage the most innovative ideas, event requirements also evolve. We typically introduce major regulatory 'disruptions' every second event to stimulate innovation, but also ensure within every event cycle that regulatory parameters are updated to reflect rapidly advancing technologies.

Full Regulations are now available through the links below. 

2025 Event Regulations DOWNLOAD PDF
2025 Terms and Conditions (Entry) DOWNLOAD PDF

Stability Consideration

An informal discussion paper by Professor John Storey