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Sun chasers to shine brighter with star power

Sun chasers to shine brighter with star power

31 Aug 2023

Sun chasers to shine brighter with star power

The world’s greatest engineering and innovation challenge, the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge, is set to shine bigger and brighter this year, thanks to Starlink, which can deliver high-speed, low latency internet all over the world.

Announcing the Event’s leap into the space age today, BWSC Event Director, Chris Selwood AM, said having Starlink, the world's most advanced broadband satellite internet, as Official Satellite Internet Provider for the world’s largest, most remote solar challenge is a gamechanger.

‘This incredible 3,000-kilometre solar challenge traverses some of the most inaccessible territory in the world. Operations, team, and media communications have long been tested in areas where traditional internet options and high-speed data transfer have been limited or in some cases non-existent,’ Chris said.

‘Working together with Starlink engineered by SpaceX, with its advanced, laser linked satellites that route data directly between each other in low Earth orbit, rather than between ground stations and satellites, will bring a level of connectivity and speed surpassing anything we’ve known before.

‘Starlink can elevate BWSC communications technology to a level that benefits an event that inspires such cuting-edge innovation, Chris concluded.

Travelling to Australia for the Challenge this year is John Federspiel, Senior Director Starlink Product Engineering, SpaceX, and BWSC University of Michigan alumnus, whose trajectory from the BWSC led to SpaceX, where he was responsible for many of the systems of the Crew Dragon spaceship before leading product and production line development at Starlink.

John is looking forward to revising the BWSC, showcasing the power of Starlink technology and seeing firsthand the next generation of participants.

‘The BWSC event inspires a work ethic in many that propels careers. It’s a unique proving ground for students – testing uncharted tech and theories in difficult environments. When you’re faced with a challenge and there’s nothing in the textbook, you must figure it out for yourself, John said,’.
‘I can’t wait to get back to this event that launches so many careers. With Starlink as the official internet provider it will shine all the brighter,’ he said.