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Welcome to Country Saltwater Ceremony welcomes Solar teams

Welcome to Country Saltwater Ceremony welcomes Solar teams

15 Oct 2023

Welcome to Country Saltwater Ceremony welcomes Solar teams

With one week to go, the 2023 Bridgestone World Solar Challenge (BWSC) teams from around the world will be officially Welcomed to Country today by Traditional Owners, in a Saltwater Ceremony at Darwin Waterfront.

Larrakia Elder, Richie Fejo, will introduce and explain the ceremony to BWSC teams inviting them into the water to receive the Saltwater Blessing by Larrakia to welcome and protect them on their journey on Country.

Event Director, Chris Selwood AM, said the Ceremony is a wonderful way to bring such a culturally diverse group of people together to celebrate Country and pay respects to Traditional Owners.

‘The Ceremony reminds us of the importance of this earth we all tread and to value the past as we look to the future to find renewable solutions towards global climate change issues.,’ Mr Selwood said.

The day also marked the start of the official BWSC week where nearly 40 teams from around the world will be scrutinised and put through their paces hoping to qualify for the official start line in State Square on Sunday October 22.

The 2023 field, and upcoming Prohelion Static Scrutineering at the Darwin Convention Centre from tomorrow, will showcase new to market technology, ‘secret weapons’ teams hope will give them the edge, first time entries, international ‘Top Gun’ Challengers and solar electric Cruisers.

‘Already stemming from this event we’ve seen technology capable of increasing efficiencies in energy management, innovative aerodynamic features and remarkable intelligence systems that get better the further they travel.

‘Moving beyond solar, it is satisfying to see endeavours borne out of the BWSC making a difference towards a more sustainable future.

Through our extensive alumni network, innovation and technology is making its mark worldwide in battery systems, charging stations, energy production and EV development.

The BWSC continues to challenge engineers to use limited energy resources as efficiently as possible. ‘I can’t wait to see the adventure unfold,’ Mr Selwood said.

Image: Hans-Peter van Velthoven