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Kogakuin University Solar Team

Kogakuin University Solar Team

Team overview

Kogakuin University Solar Team

Daily event results

Arrival time Control stop Kms from Darwin
Day 1 Oct 22 16:56:58 Dunmarra 632
Day 2 Oct 23 13:28:06 Tennant Creek 985
Day 3 Oct 24 14:00:56 Alice Springs 1493.486
Day 4 Oct 25 8:47:36 Erldunda 1691.663
Day 5 Oct 26 13:33:00 Glendambo 2431.56
Day 6 Oct 27 14:04:00 Adelaide 3021.52

How many times has your team participated in the event?

We have participated 4 times (2013, 2015, 2017, 2019)

What is the design philosophy behind your solar car?

The team focuses on developing new elemental technologies needed for future vehicles. New technologies must be world firsts or novelties. Team members enjoy designs and philosophies that no one has done before. The team wants to surprise and entertain people around the world with new technology.

What is unique about your solar car?

The team won the CSIRO Innovation Award at BWSC 2019 for developing a new suspension that uses only natural forces to keep the vehicle's body angle stable without using electrical energy. And this year, the team will present the world's first suspension mechanism for the electric vehicle industry.

Why does your team value participating in the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge?

The purpose of participating is to provide human resource development for future researchers and engineers through the BWSC.

What is the one thing your team is looking forward to when you visit Australia?

We look forward to meeting friends from around the world who will support the future of the automotive industry Let's enjoy BWSC together.